Through an agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB; we are supporting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) by providing access to an invaluable source of lower financing cost.

A European Cooperation for the benefit of SMEs

The EIB is the long-term lending bank of the European Union; its task is to contribute towards the integration, balanced development and economic and social cohesion of the EU Member States. Thanks to its best possible rating on the capital markets (AAA), the EIB can borrow funds on favourable terms, which it passes on in the SMEs financing granted. The SMEs are specifically and individually informed by us of the EIB’s involvement and its impact on the financial terms of the loan received. Extensive information related to the EIB Group support to SMEs can be found at the following web address:

We, ČSOB Leasing, a.s., act as an intermediary on behalf of EIB. By offering advantageous financing solutions for any business need we dynamically contribute to the development of domestic SMEs.

What is EIB funding?

The EIB is strengthening its support for Europe’s SMEs by helping this important sector to access vital new lines of credit. The lease/loan term is a minimum of 2 years up to 5 years (the actual length of the loan will depend on the economic and technical life of the project financed) and it can be used to finance from very small projects to investments with a maximum cost of EUR 25 million. The EIB’s contribution, however, cannot exceed EUR 12.5 million.

Who can apply for an EIB loan?

Independent SMEs with less than 250 employees prior to investment based in Slovak Republic.
All economic sectors are eligible except for production of weapons and ammunition, arms, military or police equipment or infrastructures, and equipment or infrastructure limiting people’s individual rights and freedom, gambling, tobacco related industries, activities involving testing on animals insofar as not in compliance with the “Council of Europe’s Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes” or whose environmental impact cannot be mitigated or offset, ethically or morally controversial sectors such as human cloning and pure property speculation.

What can an EIB loan be used for?

The EIB loan can be used to finance all investments and expenditures that are incurred in the development of an SME i.e.:

Tangible investments: purchases of plant and equipment, with some exceptions concerning land purchases.
Intangible investments: particularly the expenditure involved in R&D, building up or taking over distribution networks in domestic or other markets within the EU, taking out or buying patents, buying out a company in order to safeguard economic activity (for a buy-out cost of nor more than EUR 1 million).
Medium and long-term working capital requirements to re-establish businesses’ general liquidity ratio.

What are the benefits for your Business?

You can receive beneficial interest rates compared to standard business lending rates.
It allows you to invest significantly in your business without adversely affecting your cash-flow or liquidity.

What kinds of financing products can your Business utilise?

Our portfolio offers special products - EIB Leasing, EIB Hire Purchase and EIB Loan.

All administrative steps related to project financing through mentioned above products are provided by our company and no additional verification, documentation or approval at EIB is required from you.

Please contact our branches to discuss if your business qualifies for funding supported by this EIB "Loans for SMEs" scheme.

By accepting financing with EIB share, you agree that:

upon reasonable notice you will permit representatives of the EIB to inspect all sites, installations and works that comprise the project which is the subject of the loan; and
following a request by the EIB, we may give any information about you to the EIB.

EIB loans for SMEs are channelled through us, therefore it is entirely up to us to examine the application and to decide whether or not to grant the loan.

ČSOB Leasing, a.s.